What Horses Teach Us

I guess you could say Horses and Humans have had this curiosity for each other for centuries…it is a magical experience when you really think about it; the bond that can be created between horse and rider. Horses are animals that have this spirit inside of them, they challenge you and make you build a mutually beneficial relationship based on respect. When you work with Horses you have to become intuitive, thoughtful, and steady to earn their responsiveness to your cues. You have to be aware and in the moment to stay safe, you have to read the emotional state of your horse, and you have to build your leadership skills to succeed. Riding Horses is the ultimate character building activity, the traits developed while being an active Equestrian spill over to every aspect of life!

Lauren and Doublestuff at a Fun Show around 2009.

In my life, horses have taught me many things. The biggest lesson that I have been lucky enough to learn is that with hard work and dedication ANYTHING is possible. This is the main thing I try to stress to my students; it may not be easy, pretty, or simple but dedication will pay off!

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